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Game Construct a Bridge preview
Game Construct a Bridge preview

Construct a Bridge

Construct a Bridge

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9.0(10 votes)

Construct a Bridge

Experiment with various engineering techniques to complete the essential infrastructural projects for the local population in Construct a Bridge! Playing this exquisite physics-based brain game is an entertaining way of introducing both kids and adults to the basic construction technologies necessary for building safe bridges that will last for centuries.

There are 10 levels available, and as you progress through the game, the tasks gradually become more complex. As in any construction project, you’re working with a limited budget, and the key to achieving the maximum 3 stars on each level is using the least materials possible.

The background grid makes it easy to draw all the necessary steel girders and connect them together, while the useful interface buttons allow you to undo wrong moves, delete unnecessary beams or pillars, or easily start anew.

How to play Construct a Bridge

Building bridges, or any construction for that matter, isn’t overly complex, and the engineer’s real job is to make it easier and less expensive without compromising the structural integrity. The roadway can be supported from either above or below, and the level design will give you clues about the approach to take. Try building arcs and using triangular shapes whenever it’s possible to optimally transfer all the loads to your anchor points and use the resources available more efficiently.

What are the controls for Construct a Bridge?

You can play Construct a Bridge on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click on the node to select a starting point of the steel girder, and click or tap again at the desired spot on the grid to put it in place.


  • An amazing 2D physics-based brain game
  • Steel bridge construction simulation on a tight budget
  • Accurately represented building technologies

Release date

October 2018




All devices

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