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Game Dragon World preview
Game Dragon World preview

Dragon World

Dragon World

Theatre mode
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9.1(24 votes)

Dragon World

Soar through the skies and scorch rival serpents across 4 different game modes in the epic multiplayer third-person action shooter Dragon World! You can Create Room, join some of the existing Online Battles, or play competitively for a rating in the Battle Royale mode. The battle mechanics are easy to get into but difficult to master, with all the attack and movement animations done flawlessly.

The epic music and sound effects are immersive, while the 3D graphics are smooth and crispy overall. Occasionally, you’ll get to open gift boxes, and the cash rewards gained can be used to unlock new fearsome dragon models. If battling other dragons isn’t your thing, there’s the Explore mode to peacefully enjoy the idyllic fantasy environment. 

How to play Dragon World

It’s difficult to hit your opponents from greater distances, especially if they aren’t stationary, therefore, most of the clashes will be up close and personal. To get into an advantageous position, you must learn to outmaneuver your opponents, and knowledge of the surrounding terrain will vastly help you out with this.

If you’re sneaky enough, sometimes you’ll be able to approach other dragons from behind without them even noticing and perform a swift and deadly surprise attack. It’s a good idea to occasionally turn around and check for enemies in all directions to avoid getting blindsided.

What are the controls for Dragon World?

You can play Dragon World for free exclusively in a PC browser.

  • Aim — move mouse
  • Move — WASD keys
  • Fly up — Space
  • Fly Down — C
  • Dodge (while flying) — R
  • Sprint (while on the ground) — Left Shift
  • Jump (while on the ground) — Q
  • Fireball — Left mouse button
  • Tail swipe (ground attack) — Right mouse button
  • Fire breath — Left mouse button + Shift


  • A truly epic third-person dragon-fighting shooter
  • Crisp graphics, immersive music, and catchy gameplay
  • 4 different game modes and 8 dragon models

Release date

January 2019





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