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Game Flappy Bird 3D preview
Game Flappy Bird 3D preview

Flappy Bird 3D

Flappy Bird 3D

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Flappy Bird 3D

Flappy Bird 3D is a prime example that gruesomely challenging games don’t have to be complex, and that an essential component in gameplay design is an ingeniously simple idea. When you tap, the bird flaps and maintains its fragile flight across the parabolic trajectory, but there are many perils ahead.

If you fail to remain alert and ready at all times to keep threading through countless obstacles, this epic journey will come to an end quickly. Playing this addictive endless platform clicker will certainly enhance your hand-eye coordination, split-second decision-making, and reaction times.

The pixelated graphics are kind of 3D, but all your actions unfold in the Cartesian coordinate system, and it’s your task to make the inputs function. The sound effects are epic, especially when you crash into an obstacle, which will most likely happen quite often.

How to play Flappy Bird 3D

It’s essential to learn how much force each of your clicks and taps applies to the bird. Crashing is imminent either way, so in the beginning, try to get the general idea of how much distance and altitude you can cover with a single flap.

The second equally important thing to pay attention to is the delicate control timing. After reaching its highest point, the bird plummets quickly, so most of the subtle adjustments must be made mid-flight.

What are the controls for Flappy Bird 3D?

You can play Flappy Bird 3D on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click to flap your wings and keep the bird flying on the correct course to avoid all the upcoming obstacles.


  • Challenging, simple, and addictive endless platform-clicker
  • Amazing reaction times, decision-making, and focus exercise
  • Deceivingly simple gameplay

Release date

September 2023




All devices

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