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Game Gold Strike preview
Game Gold Strike preview

Gold Strike

Gold Strike

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Gold Strike

Gold Strike is an extraordinary 2D puzzle game featuring immersive sound effects, jolly country music, cute graphics, and challenging gameplay. This game is a great mix of bubble shooters, match-3, and block-stacking puzzle games. Here, you must make the most of every given opportunity because mistakes will add up quickly.

The blue goblin miner stands on a platform at the right side of your screen, and he’s a skilled pickaxe handler. The differently colored ore is coming toward him in columns from the left side, and to dig it up you must throw a pickaxe into at least two adjacent blocks of the same color.

How to play Gold Strike

Fortunately, your trusty tool has some magical properties as it can fly through the blocks closer to you and hit the targeted clusters behind them. If the possibilities are limited after the first column of blocks appears, wait it out since the next couple of ore lines may grant you unexpected opportunities.

You’ll often have multiple ore-extracting choices, and the key to victory is determining the correct order of action. Some lonely blocks may fall into just the right spot if you make the right plays, and the ones already connected can break apart if you’re careless. Even though you’re playing on a timer, it’s still pretty generous, so make sure to think things through before making your moves.

What are the controls for Gold Strike?

You can play Gold Strike on PC and mobile devices alike. Move your mouse to aim if playing on a PC and click to throw the pickaxe at the ore cluster of the same color. Tap in a desired spot on the screen to throw a pickaxe on mobile.


  • An extraordinary 2D puzzle game for kids and adults
  • A unique mix of block-stacking, match-3, and bubble-shooter
  • Vivid graphics, immersive sound effects, and challenging gameplay

Release date

April 2017




All devices

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