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Happy Wheels 3D

Happy Wheels 3D is a hilarious platform game in which you can play as the Segway guy, the irresponsible cyclist dad, and the wheelchair guy. The gameplay is physics-based, and you’re tasked with guiding your character across various obstacles to reach the finish line.

There are 9 Featured Levels to try and complete, but even failing in this awesome game is funny. The humor behind the game is kind of morbid, so it isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t mind sacrificing your character’s body parts to reach the goal by any means, you’ve come to the right place.

How to play Happy Wheels 3D

Each stage available presents you with a unique challenge, and you can read the short description, which briefly explains the level design. There’s a vast variety of mods that essentially determine the entire gameplay of each level, but essentially, it’s all about learning the physics engine behind the game.

Practice the movement and observe your character’s reactions to the input controls. There are plenty of obstacles to avoid, and you’ll almost never make it to the end in one piece, but it’s important to keep trying and learn from your mistakes. Each failure is a blessing in disguise and a great opportunity to learn.

What are the controls for Happy Wheels 3D?

You can play Happy Wheels 3D for free exclusively in a PC browser.

  • Arrow key up — accelerate
  • Arrow key down — decelerate/go backward
  • Arrow key left — lean back
  • Arrow key right — lean forward
  • Space — primary action
  • Shift/ctrl — secondary actions
  • Z — eject


  • A funny platform game with a morbid sense of humor
  • Challenging and entertaining physics-based gameplay
  • Up to 9 uniquely designed levels and 3 playable characters

Release date

March 2023





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