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James Gun

Imagine you’re a top-secret agent, and you just jumped down from a window and now need to make your escape. James Gun is an entertaining game where you have to figure out how to get to your hidden sports car and get away without being shot or hitting the ground. Fulfill your dreams of becoming a cool, enigmatic spy with this fun and addictive game!

James Gun gives you a one-of-a-kind gaming experience, featuring interactive 2D characters along with impressive game physics and exciting music. You’ll complete the level by holding on to the ledges to slow down the fall, getting as much cash as you can, and taking down your enemies on the way. What’s more important is to keep yourself alive and get out of this place.

How to play James Gun

You’ll be jumping off from a building surrounded by armed goons. Keep yourself from falling to your death by holding on to any ledges while shooting down targets and avoiding all the gunfire coming your way. Release to fall safely on a bush where your fancy car is hidden and drive away as soon as possible.

Your secret mission is to get all the cash on your way down. Make sure you reach the money by swinging from one ledge to another. You can spend the money in the shop to upgrade your outfits and guns. In the end, it’s important to get something in return after risking your own life anyway, right?

What are the controls for James Gun?

James Gun is a web browser game accessible on PC and mobile. On PC, press and hold the left mouse button or spacebar key to grab the ledge. On your phone, tap and hold instead, and then release as necessary to safely get down.


  • Great 2D animations, spy-theme music, and gunfire sound effects
  • Multiple-level shooting game with unique, interesting gameplay
  • Challenging missions and attractive rewards at each level

Release date

November 2022




All devices

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