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Game Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak preview
Game Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak preview

Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak

Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak

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8.8(16 votes)

Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak

Immerse into the yet another epic adventure in Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak! This awesome 2D platformer features pixelated graphics, unexpectedly awesome music, hilarious storytelling, and exciting multi-layered gameplay. Completing any of the stages might take some time because the level design demands upgrading your attributes many times before you’re deemed worthy.

Noob and Pro are actually working together against the Cheater, and for an unknown reason, they’ve ended up behind bars. You’ll alternately control the character in a series of mini-games, ranging from 2D cart and boat driving to zombie and police officer hack-and-slashing. In the final stage, you even get the chance to play as the almighty God and smite the Cheater once and for all to punish him for all the wrongdoings!

How to play Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak

You can’t really get far until you’ve invested heavily in all the upgrades available in the current stage played. However, each failed attempt is a great chance to learn more about the game mechanics. They aren’t really too complex, and if you’re persistent enough, you’ll complete the game easily. The storyline is actually quite funny, and you’ll be eager to see what happens in the next chapter.

What are the controls for Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak?

Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak is available on both PC and mobile browsers. If you prefer playing on a PC, use the WASD or arrow keys to move/rotate your ride, and Spacebar to accelerate/melee swing. Tap and hold the easily discerned buttons on mobile to input the controls (also clickable while playing in a PC browser). When the current chapter requires, click or tap anywhere on the screen to shoot.


  • An extraordinary 2D action/driving/shooting platformer
  • Hilarious story, pixelated graphics, and great music
  • Multiple chapters featuring different game mechanics

Release date

April 2022


Noob vs Pro team


All devices

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