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Game Ramp Bike Jumping preview
Game Ramp Bike Jumping preview

Ramp Bike Jumping

Ramp Bike Jumping

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Ramp Bike Jumping

Launch a variety of bikes and their dispensable drivers from a giant slingshot to reach ever-greater distances and witness mind-blowing stunts in Ramp Bike Jumping! The ramps you’ll ride down are reminiscent of the ones you’d see in ski jumps, but the terrain ahead is stacked with deadly obstacles, and there’s rarely a safe spot to land on.

After the kamikaze crew is flung into the air, you’ll have no control over what happens next, as the somewhat inflated physics engine determines the flight trajectory. There are 10 levels to complete with 7 different characters and rides to sacrifice for some good laughs. The riders seem to have discovered the key of immortality anyway, since after every fatal accident, they’re gladly coming back for more!

How to play Ramp Bike Jumping

You won’t be able to get far until you’ve purchased Engine power and nitro Boost upgrades and to reach the required benchmarks faster, it’s recommended to also invest in Bonus gold gains regularly. Since you’ll earn currency after every jump, even the bad attempts are failed successfully.

The progress made with upgrades carries over once you decide to Change Vehicle, but keep in mind that the physics of the new vehicle will slightly differ. The ragdoll characters are inevitably doomed, and it’s the distance traveled by the ride itself that counts in the final score.

What are the controls for Ramp Bike Jumping?

You can download the app to play Ramp Bike Jumping on mobile devices or play it for free in a PC browser on our website. Move the mouse pointer toward the bottom of the screen to pull the giant slingshot and then click to launch the ride down the ramp for an epic stunt jump.


  • A giant slingshot propels the rides down a huge ramp
  • 10 levels to complete, 7 indestructible rides to try out
  • Exaggerated physics engine makes for epic stunts

Release date

March 2024


Boombit S.A.


All devices

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