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Roblox Blade Ball (Scratch)

This is a simplified fan-made Scratch version of the popular Blade Ball mode on Roblox, originally developed by Wiggity. It combines elements of dodgeball and ninja agility, requiring players to focus, be precise, and use strategic thinking. The primary objective is to deflect a killer homing ball that targets players randomly. If you fail to deflect the ball at the right time, you lose.

How to play Roblox Blade Ball?

To succeed in Blade Ball, you need to master the art of evasion and perfect your timing for deflecting the homing ball. The ball speeds up over time, increasing the challenge. When the ball turns red, it means its coming after you! The gameplay revolves around moving your character and blocking the ball, while using your abilities, respectively. Defeat the bots and win to get coins, with coins you can buy abilities.

The game offers 3 different difficulty modes, Easy, Normal or Hard mode, but Easy doesn't count as a win on the leaderboard. Get more than 10 Hardcore wins to unlock the bacon hair skin!

TIP: Enter the code "newyears2024" to get 200 free coins

What are the controls for Roblox Blade Ball?

The controls for Blade Ball are intuitive and straightforward:

  • WASD or Arrow keys to move your character.
  • F, Space or Click to block the ball.
  • Q key to use your abilities.


  • Engaging blend of dodgeball and ninja agility
  • Battle Royale Action Survival gameplay
  • Avoid and deflect a killer homing ball
  • Various abilities to gain a strategic advantage
  • Multiple levels with unique challenges
  • Customizable blade skins and styles
  • Leaderboard for competitive play
  • Social interaction with other players through groups and forums
  • Suitable for all skill levels, from novices to seasoned veterans
  • Regular updates with new levels and abilities

Release date

January 2024





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