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Game Squardle preview
Game Squardle preview



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Squardle is a unique twist on traditional word puzzles, played on a 5x5 grid where players solve interlocking words. The game tests both your vocabulary and problem-solving skills, offering a complex challenge that differentiates it from regular word games.

How to play Squardle?

Begin by typing a five-letter English word and confirm your guess by hitting enter. This can be done using either the on-screen keyboard or a physical one if you're on a computer. Your guessed word will populate both a row and a column on the grid, with each filled square revealing a hint in the form of a color-coded square. Read on for the meanings of these colors.

You start off with 10 guesses. For each of the first five words you completely solve (turning all its squares green), you'll earn an additional guess. The game is won by solving all six words. It's interesting to note that you don't necessarily have to guess a word directly for it to count as solved; simply turning all its letters green at any point is sufficient.

Wondering how to change where you input your guess? Well, you don't have to. The game automatically cycles through rows and columns for each guess. If you've already solved a row and column (all green letters), the game will skip these for subsequent guesses. Two arrows outside the grid will indicate where your next guess will be entered.

In the Weekly Squardle mode, if you have only non-green letters in a single row or column, your guesses will be confined to that specific area. This helps in maintaining a good start without the frustration of guessing the remaining word one square at a time.

The color-coded squares are key to understanding Squardle's gameplay:

  • Green: The letter is correctly placed in its square.
  • Yellow: The letter is in the correct row, but not the square.
  • Red: The letter is in the correct column, but not the square.
  • Orange: The letter is in both the correct row and column, but not in the square.
  • White: The letter exists somewhere on the board, but not in the current row or column.
  • Black: The letter does not appear anywhere on the board.

To get a multi-arrow clue (double or triple), your guess must include the repeated letter in the specific row or column. The arrows indicate the minimum number of times a letter appears in that row or column. Remember, the clues provided in Squardle might vary from those in other word games like Wordle, adding a unique layer to the strategy.

For better hint management, you can fade or completely hide non-helpful clues. Click on a clue once to fade it, and a second click will hide the letter, leaving just a colored square. Clicking a third time restores full visibility. This feature is helpful for keeping track of solved elements and reducing screen clutter.

Lastly, for more nuanced guesses, the game's keyboard provides various color-coded keys to indicate potential letter placements, with colors like purple, black, dark gray, yellow, red, orange, and white each conveying different information about the letter's possible location or use.

What are the controls for Squardle?

  • Type a 5-letter word: Using either the on-screen virtual keyboard or your physical keyboard.
  • Enter Key: To submit your guess.
  • Mouse Click: On squares to use the note-taking feature (blue circle) or to manage hints (dim or hide letters).


  • Crazy complex 5x5 grid word puzzles
  • Color-coded hints for strategic gameplay: green, yellow, red, orange, white, black
  • Extra challenge with special game modes
  • Weekly bonus boards with unique word combinations
  • Multilingual support including German, Swedish, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Squardle Speedrun challenge
  • Continuous updates

Release date

March 2024


Fubar Games


All devices

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