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Stick Fighter 3D

Stick Fighter 3D is an exquisite stickman fighting game featuring action-packed skill-based gameplay along with single-player and 2-player game modes. Try out the different combos of kicks and punches to defeat your opponent and in this epic brawling game. The dexterous fighters also have a special ability you can use once the energy bar below your health bar tops up.

The animations are awesome, while the controls are very responsive, and the first competitor to win two rounds is crowned victorious. This game is definitely much more fun when played against a friend, but you certainly shouldn’t underestimate the AI opponent.

How to play Stick Fighter 3D 

Any true fighter knows that avoiding blows is equally, if not even more important than landing them. If you just run straight at your rival, it’s anyone’s game, and there’s not much you can do other than spam the punch/kick controls.

Take a closer look at the range of both kicks and punches, and try to stay out of harm’s way whenever it’s possible. Once you’ve evaded the rival’s punch, it’s time to counterattack. Kicks have a longer range but are slower than punches, so try to use both abilities to your advantage accordingly.

Make sure to use your special ability whenever it’s available because otherwise, you’d be wasting a precious damage-dealing opportunity. 

What are the controls for Stick Fighter 3D?

You can currently play Stick Fighter 3D exclusively in a PC browser. Controls for both P1/P2 are as shown below.

  • Move left — A/Arrow left key
  • Move right — D/Arrow right key
  • Jump — W/Arrow up key
  • Duck — S/Arrow down key
  • Punch — F/K
  • Kick — G/L
  • Special — R/O


  • An epic stickman fighting game
  • Single-player and 2-player game modes
  • The AI opponent isn’t to be underestimated
  • Playing against a friend makes it much more enjoyable

Release date

November 2021




All devices

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