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Storm the House 2

Storm the House 2 builds upon the popular formula established in the original Storm the House and is the prequel to Storm the House 3. This sequel enhances the experience with more complex strategies and an expanded arsenal. You continue to defend your stronghold from waves of attacking stick figures, using improved tactics and weaponry.

How to play Storm the House 2?

In Storm the House 2, your mission remains the same as in the prequel: protect your base against an unending assault of stickmen. The game introduces new levels and weapons to enhance your defense capabilities.

What are the controls for Storm the House 2?

  • Aim: Mouse
  • Fire: Mouse Click
  • Reload: Spacebar
  • Pause: P


  • Multiple difficulty levels ranging from Easy to 'Why God?'
  • Upgradable defense options including Gunmen, Craftsmen, and a Missile Silo
  • Enhanced crosshair for more accurate targeting
  • Earn coins for eliminating stickmen, which can be used for upgrades
  • New arsenal with diverse weapons to choose from

Release date

February 2024


Ivory Drive



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