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Game Street Fighter 2 preview
Game Street Fighter 2 preview

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2

Theatre mode
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Street Fighter 2

Relive the epic final boss fight of an all-time arcade-fighting classic, Street Fighter 2! You’ll play as Ryu, who has wandered the world to prove his fighting proficiency over and over again, and now it’s time for the ultimate feat of strength. Your nemesis Sagat, also known as the emperor of Muay Thai, is the worthiest opponent you’ve met so far, and the dude is buffed!

This amazing arcade fighting game takes you back to the glory days of the genre. Your opponent is bigger than you, hits harder, and has more health points, so it’s pretty difficult to come out on top. Even if you get lucky in a single round, the first to win three is victorious therefore, it takes some practice to become the undisputed champion.

How to play Street Fighter 2

Just spamming the chi-based Surge Fist ability at the boss rarely does the trick, so eventually, you’ll have to get up close and personal. You’ll notice that the portion of the health bar slowly replenishes unless you’ve taken or landed consecutive blows, so performing and avoiding combos is of the utmost importance.

Start off with landing 1-2 punches or kicks and patiently work out the ways to perform more complex combinations. Learn how to counter your opponent’s moves properly and always avoid getting stuck in the corner.

What are the controls for Street Fighter 2?

Street Fighter 2 is yet to be mobile optimized, but you can play it for free in a PC browser.

  • Move/Jump/Duck — Arrow keys
  • Left punch — A/S
  • Right punch — D
  • Left kick — Z/X
  • Right kick — C
  • Surge Fist — A+S/A+D/S+D
  • Rising Dragon Gist — Arrow down + Surge fist
  • Tornado Whirlwind Leg — Z+X/Z+C/X+C


  • Old-school arcade fighting classic
  • Final “best of 5” boss fight between Ryu and Sagat
  • Takes skill and practice to defeat the emperor of Muay Thai

Release date

February 2023





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