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Game Swiftle preview
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7.8(18 votes)


Swiftle is a song guessing game designed for fans of Taylor Swift. The game uniquely combines the mechanics of popular word-guessing games Wordle and Heardle, focusing on Taylor Swift's discography. Also known as Taylor Swift Heardle.

How to play Swiftle?

Swiftle tests your knowledge of Taylor Swift’s songs. You’ll listen to a brief segment of a song and guess its title within six attempts. The game provides a one-second clip of a Taylor Swift song, which you can play multiple times. After each incorrect guess, an additional second of the song is revealed, aiding in your recognition. If you guess a song from the same album but it's not the correct answer, it will be marked yellow, pointing you in the right direction. A correct guess turns the answer box green.

What are the controls for Swiftle?

  • Click on the Play icon to listen to the song clip.
  • Type the name of the song in the provided box.
  • Press Enter to submit your guess.
  • Click to play the clip as many times as needed for listening.


  • Homage to Taylor Swift combining Wordle and Heardle mechanics
  • Guess Taylor Swift song in six tries or less
  • Each incorrect guess reveals an additional second of the song
  • Feedback system using color codes: red for incorrect, yellow for right album but wrong song, green for correct
  • Daily challenge with the option to play past games
  • Share your success on social networks
  • Simple and engaging gameplay for music enthusiasts

Release date

May 2022




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