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Tanuki Sunset

Become the coolest raccoon dad alive and enjoy longboarding down the trippy neon highway while basking in the glorious Tanuki Sunset! The curvy downhill road is magically floating up in the air. There are many cars and other obstacles to avoid, and it’s a good thing that our daring protagonist has infinite lives. The funky, down-tempo background music playing while you’re riding fits the atmosphere perfectly, the neon graphics are immersive, and the addictive gameplay is quite challenging.

The mischievous offspring has gotten into trouble once again, the wife is worried sick, and you’re on a quest to pick up the kiddo and bring him back to mom. This is essentially an endless high-score longboard drifting simulation, and there are several ways to score more points before inevitably crashing besides saving the young raccoon.

How to play Tanuki Sunset

Riding a longboard down the busy highway isn’t an easy feat, especially because you don’t have ordinary brakes to help you slow down. Drifting is the only method of slightly reducing the longboard’s speed, and mastering this fine craft takes quite some time.

In the beginning, don’t focus too much on the objectives but only practice controlling the longboard as well as you can. Make as many alternating left and right drifts on shorter sections of the road to get into the flow. This will help you feel the board out and learn your limits.

What are the controls for Tanuki Sunset?

Tanuki Sunset is yet to be mobile web optimized, but you can play it for free in a PC browser.

  • Left/right arrow keys — turn left/right
  • Space — initiate drifts
  • Down arrow key — 180° turn
  • Esc — pause


  • A heroic raccoon dad is a longboarding master
  • Endless drifting simulation down the busy highway
  • Trippy neon graphics, great background music
  • Addictive and challenging gameplay

Release date

March 2022




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