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Whooo? is a relaxing single-player tabletop guessing game in which you and the AI opponent alternately ask each other questions about the character portrayed on the card the rival is holding. There are a total of 32 cards featuring character portraits on the table, 16 dealt to each competitor, and only one of them matches the card in the opponent’s hand.

The objective is to use the elimination process to deduce who is depicted on the mystery card, and you’ll achieve this by asking a series of questions about the general character features. There are four questions available to choose from in each step of the investigation process, and it’s up to you to choose the ones that might reveal the most information.

It’s a gentlemanly game, so your opponent will provide only honest answers. After a couple of rounds of interrogation, you’ll narrow down the choices and whoever makes the right guess first wins.

How to play Whooo?

To eliminate most cards on each question it’s important to take a closer look at all the portraits and read the questions carefully. In the first couple of rounds seek information that will discard roughly 50% of characters from the table. An example of this query would be: Is the character male or female? Once there are only a couple of cards left, start asking questions about the character-specific facial features to narrow down the choices even further.

What are the controls for Whooo?

You can play Whooo? on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap on the available questions to find out more about the mystery card character, navigate the interface, and finally make an educated guess.


  • A relaxing single-player character guessing game
  • Both you and the AI opponent hold a single mystery card
  • The first one to make the right guess is the winner

Release date

May 2022




All devices

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