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Word Duel

Word Duel is an exciting word game in which you’ll have a chance to test and expand your English vocabulary and have loads of fun while doing it. Compete against other players worldwide in an intellectual multiplayer battle across 5 rounds in every single duel. You’re working with up to 10 letters in total, and there are several bonuses you can collect to boost your chances of winning if you’re a crafty wordsmith.

Besides the already exciting gameplay, this game features Free Gold every 4 hours, daily Challenges, a global Leaderboard, and the letter tile skins Shop. Starting off as a Beginner you’ll be able to compete in the leagues of higher tiers if you’re persistent enough: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Champion.

How to play Word Duel?

The letters that are used more frequently in the English language are worth less and vice versa. In the beginning, you shouldn’t really focus much on using all the high-value letters, but make sure to come up with at least some words in each round.

There are several bonuses you can acquire in this game, and they’re marked by these four acronyms:

  • DL — double letter — the score for the letter in that box is doubled
  • DW — double word — the sum of all letter scores in a word is doubled
  • TL — triple letter
  • TW — triple word

A well-placed DL or TL can easily decide the winner of the duel, so always keep an eye out for these unique opportunities.

What are the controls for Word Duel?

You can play Word Duel on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap on the available letters, then hold and drag them into the designated boxes to craft words and score more points than your opponents.


  • An exciting multiplayer word-crafting battle
  • A great way to expand your English vocabulary
  • 5 tiers of competition, daily Challenges, and global Leaderboard

Release date

July 2022


Fish Pond Studio


All devices

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