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Game Wordmeister preview
Game Wordmeister preview



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Playing Wordmeister is an entertaining way of exercising your verbal intelligence, honing word-crafting skills, and expanding your English vocabulary. It’s a 1v1 scrabble-like word game in which you’re working with 8 letter tiles at a time, and the objective is to come up with bigger and more valuable words than your opponent.

To make the gameplay even more interesting, the differently colored tiles on the 15x15 board will double or triple the values of your letters and words. The more common letters in the English language will score fewer points and the other way around. With a total of 100 letter tiles to place between you and the rival a round might take a while to finish, but the relaxing music and brain-stimulating gameplay will make it feel like a blink of an eye.

How to play Wordmeister

A dice roll decides the order of play, and the first word placed must cover the central star square. New words must connect to any tile played and arranged either from left to right or top to bottom. Once unable to come up with a word, you can Shuffle your current stack, Swap tiles, or simply Skip your turn and wait for new opportunities.

The most valuable words are often those built atop the existing ones. Keep this in mind while crafting shorter idioms to reap the rewards later on. Once the new word hits the board, make sure to perceive all the additional options it might have opened up.

What are the controls for Wordmeister?

You can play Wordmeister on PC and mobile devices alike. Drag and drop the letter tiles from your hand to the board to craft words.


  • An exquisite scrabble-like crossword puzzle game
  • Verbal intelligence and English vocabulary exercise
  • Relaxing music and captivating gameplay

Release date

May 2020




All devices

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