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Game Zombies Shooter preview
Game Zombies Shooter preview

Zombies Shooter

Zombies Shooter

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9.6(28 votes)

Zombies Shooter

The deadly virus has plagued the small town, and you’re humanity’s last hope for survival in Zombies Shooter! Fortunately, you’re more than ready for the doomsday as you’re carrying an entire arsenal of weapons and unlimited ammunition. Pistols, knives, grenades, automatic weapons, RPGs, you’ve got it all!

This thrilling first-person survival shooter features eerie music, action-packed gameplay, and several different types of zombies. Facing the apocalypse is always a scary thing, but since your character is so well-prepared for this type of scenario, you won’t really be afraid of the swarming undead. You’re faster, smarter, and more agile — it’s the brain-eaters who should be worried!

How to play Zombies Shooter 

To complete each level, you must eliminate all hostile targets. The very beginning is usually the hardest part since zombies will come at you from all directions, and there are dozens of them. 

You don’t want to remain stationary but kite the undead around the town to avoid getting in the melee range. Even if this happens, there are a couple of knife attacks your character can perform, but if it gets to that point, you’re probably doing something wrong.

To avoid getting surprised from behind, always keep an eye on the minimap, which reveals the positions of all zombies around. Try out different weapons and make sure to be at a safe distance from the infected when you need to reload.

What are the controls for Zombies Shooter?

The game is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser. If you prefer gaming on mobile, make sure to check out a plethora of mobile-optimized zombie games on our website! The PC controls for Zombies Shooter are as follows:

  • Move — WASD
  • Sprint — Shift
  • Jump — Space
  • Reload — R
  • Shoot — Left mouse button
  • Aim — Right mouse button (hold)
  • Knife attack 1/2 — F/Q
  • Switch weapons — 1-7 keys or mouse scroll
  • Throw a grenade — G
  • Inspect weapon — T
  • Hide weapon — E


  • A suspenseful zombie apocalypse survival shooter
  • A variety of weapons at your disposal
  • Eerie music, plenty of levels, thrilling gameplay

Release date

December 2021





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