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8 Ball Pool

If you like racking the balls and picking up the cue IRL you’ll certainly enjoy every minute spent playing 8 Ball Pool. It’s a game played by international 8-ball rules, and you’re up against three AI difficulties, and Hard is a real pool shark. If you’re by any chance completely unfamiliar with eight-ball, here’s a quick rundown.

A player must pot a ball after the break to choose the solid or the striped ball suit and proceed to clear the table before finishing the game off with the 8-ball. You must pot the black in the pocket selected prior to taking your shot without making a foul to win the game.

There are several ways to make a foul which you’ll learn to avoid if you care to read the tooltips. Once a player is called for a foul, the opponent gets to position the white freehandedly, which at a higher level of play easily decides the winner.

How to play 8 Ball Pool

Potting a single ball by itself is quite satisfying, but if you want to get good at 8 Ball Pool, you must always think a few steps ahead. To keep the streak going, it’s essential to learn how to control the cue ball. This is a fine art of compensating angles, cue ball spins, and the power of your shots. Naturally, it takes some time to master, but once you get there, it enables you to play the game with ease and pure enjoyment.

What are the controls for 8 Ball Pool?

You can play this awesome game on both PC and mobile devices. Aim with the mouse pointer, then click, hold, and drag to pull the cue and finally release to strike the cue ball. On mobile, tap to aim and set the power of your shot using the slider.


  • 2D 8-ball billiards simulation
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties
  • Immersive gameplay and sound effects

Release date

April 2020




All devices

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