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Game Actorle preview
Game Actorle preview



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Actorle is a puzzle game that challenges you to guess the identity of a featured actor each day. Inspired by the popular Wordle format, this game blends the thrill of trivia with the love of cinema. Each game gives you several hints in the form of censored movie titles, with the actor's name needing to be correctly guessed within eight attempts. The hints improve based on your guesses, making each round a dynamic challenge.

How to play Actorle?

In Actorle, your task is to identify the actor of the day within eight tries. With each guess, if the actor you guess has starred in the movie associated with the day's hint, the full movie title will be shown. Each incorrect guess reveals additional hints about the films the actor has appeared in, but only the year and genre are displayed clearly until you guess correctly. The game utilizes data from IMDb and changes its featured actor daily, providing fresh challenges regularly.

What are the controls for Actorle?

  • Type the name of the actor you suspect
  • Select from a list of autocomplete suggestions to confirm your guess
  • Enter to submit your guess


  • Daily new actor to guess
  • Auto-complete function for actor names
  • Engages movie trivia knowledge

Release date

May 2024




All devices

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