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Baseball Hero

Baseball Hero is a funny and exciting arcade sports game in which your reflexes and hand-eye coordination will be put to the ultimate test! To be fair, hitting the ball with the bat is much easier than IRL, but the additional gameplay mechanics make your job much harder after a couple of successful hits. Three strikes, and you’re out, and the objective is to hit as many balls as possible before the pitcher outsmarts you.

The graphics are essentially 2D, but this fact doesn’t take anything away from this awesome game because they’re done just right. The batter you’re controlling is a hilarious grinning man with an epic mustache, and the sound effects make for an extra immersive experience. To enhance the comical visuals, you can use the coins earned to purchase humorous balls, helmets, uniforms, and bat skins at the Shop.

How to play Baseball Hero

The AI pitcher you’re up against has more than a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Some of the curveballs have incomprehensibly spiral trajectories, and sometimes, you may even get a tomato thrown at you. Hitting a tomato won’t score points for you but only paint most of the screen red, so don’t fall for this ploy. When you need to switch positions quickly, make sure to watch the white box on the ground closely, as it will start blinking before the ball is thrown, indicating the correct position.

What are the controls for Baseball Hero?

Baseball Hero feels a lot better on mobile, but you can play in a PC browser as well. Tap or click to swing at just the right time, and tap or click the left or right side of your screen to change the batter’s position.


  • A simple and thrilling arcade-style baseball game
  • Hilarious graphics and animations
  • Comical equipment skins at the shop
  • A worthy hand-eye coordination exercise

Release date

December 2023




All devices

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