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Block Champ

Remember Tetris? Block Champ adds a nice twist to it! An infusion of Tetris and a puzzle game, rise against other scores of other players and make your way to the top!

How to play Block Champ?

Block Champ’s gameplay is focused on being provided with 3 pieces that you must distribute the entire board. Filling an entire row or column will clear that line, and if you end up being unable to put in any of the three pieces given, the game ends. But don’t fret, as there are several helpful powerups that can relieve rows that can’t be taken off, or keep it until the perfect piece comes!

1.   Score Multiplier – this comes to play and increases as long as you clear multiple rows or columns! It multiplies your score every line removed, and would also be calculated at the end screen against other players’ multipliers!

2.   Performance – An overall score that is linked with multiple factors shown at the end screen, this also serves as your benchmark on how good you’ve done!

3.   Power-ups – The lightning powerup comes to play as long as you have two lightning blocks placed in the same row or column. You can utilize this as the blocks cleared by the lightning is counted as a clear, allowing you to link up combos with it. Ice blocks, however, are blocks protected by ice that if you clear it conventionally, would only unlock the block encased into it, unless it’s cleared with the help of a lightning block.

What are the controls for Block Champ?

  • Use your mouse to interact.
  • For mobile users, simply touch the screen to interact.


  • Unique Puzzle Mechanics – compared to Tetris where many of the blocks are based from, it’s centered around leaving enough space for any of the ideal blocks to show up to be placed into. This leaves one to plan ahead before placing any of the blocks.
  • Score Comparisons – Your scores and combos are totaled and calculated against other players, leaving you to know how good you’ve achieved! Aim to get high against the other scores!
  • Simple and Casual – There’s no pressure here, no fast-dropping blocks that leaves you on edge! Take your time to plan out, and achieve a higher score each time!

Release date

April 2020




All devices

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