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Bowling Challenge


Bowling Challenge

If you’re an aspiring bowler, Bowling Challenge is a great game for beginners and pros alike. This entertaining and challenging bowling simulation game features two game modes, “Level” and “Endless”. To complete each level, you must knock down all the bowling pins, and they’re not arranged ordinarily, but differently for each challenge.

You’ll notice various stationary or moving obstacles placed in the bowling lane, and while they usually make your job more difficult, sometimes you’ll be able to use them to your advantage. In the “Endless” game mode, the pins in the lane are moving toward you, and if you fail to knock them down before they cross the blinking red line, the game is over.

How to play Bowling Challenge

You won’t be able to bowl strikes if you just throw straight every time. Carefully scan the layout of pins in the lane to decide what kind of curve ball you must throw. Experiment for a while with different trajectories to get a sense of how the ball behaves.

It’s nigh impossible to hit each of the pins in some challenges with the ball. In these cases, you must hit some of the favorably positioned pins, so they knock down the hard-to-hit ones. If you’re struggling with a certain level, consider changing your approach. Even the annoying obstacles in the lane can be put to good use if you hit them just right.

What are the controls for Bowling Challenge?

Bowling Challenge is playable on PC and mobile devices alike. Click then drag or swipe to bowl.


  • Bowling pins and obstacles alike scattered along the lane
  • A unique challenge in every level
  • The Endless game mode is a perfect practice drill

March 2023


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