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Candy Rain 5

Candy Rain 5 is a 2D match-3 puzzle game featuring addictively relaxing gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and plenty of uniquely designed levels to complete. To collect a variety of delicious candies from the board, you must match at least three of the same color while matching more than three will create special tiles you can use later to complete your task more efficiently.

You can gain a maximum of three stars for completing each level. These can be spent to unlock chests along your way, but also open the gate at the end of your current zone, and try out additional puzzles beyond! Use the coins earned to unlock up to 4 boosters to help you solve even the most difficult of levels.

How to play Candy Rain 5

At every level, you’re presented with a specific Task, and it’s usually collecting the X amount of Y-colored candy. In the later levels, the additional tile mechanics are introduced, so make sure to read the useful tips when they pop up to learn a proper method of dealing with them.

Matching more than three mouth-watering candies of the same kind creates special tiles that allow you to clear entire rows or columns when you combine 4 tiles in a row. If you manage to find the 5-tile matching combo, you’re awarded the extremely powerful rainbow-colored candy. Switch it with any adjacent tile to clear all the matching delicacies from the board in a single move.

What are the controls for Candy Rain 5?

You can play Candy Rain 5 on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to switch the candies’ places to match triplets.


  • Addictively relaxing match-3 puzzle game
  • Colorful graphics and alluring sound effects
  • Boosters, special tiles, uniquely designed levels

Release date

February 2021




All devices

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