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Game Clicker Knights vs Dragons preview
Game Clicker Knights vs Dragons preview

Clicker Knights vs Dragons

Clicker Knights vs Dragons

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Clicker Knights vs Dragons

Clicker Knights vs Dragons is a stress-relieving 2D idle clicker action featuring retro-styled pixelated graphics, hypnotizing combat sound effects, and highly addictive gameplay. Click your worries away and slash through all the skeletons, giant spiders, dragons, and many other scary yet harmless monsters.

To aid in your valiant efforts to protect the human realms, you can hire powerful auto-attacking mercenaries. Every stage features exactly 10 monsters, the final one being the level’s boss. You have to defeat the boss within a 30-second timeframe, so make sure to purchase ability upgrades regularly!

How to play Clicker Knights vs Dragons

Even though the main character looks cool and his polearm-wielding skills are mesmerizing, don’t neglect to invest the coins gathered to hire and upgrade your companions. In the long run, these mercenaries are very useful, especially because even while you’re AFK, they’ll keep making money.

If you want to maximize the earnings, make sure to click on the coins dropped by monsters slain to collect them all. After grinding for a while, you’ll be able to unlock powerful special abilities with lengthy cooldowns. Don’t use them in vain, but wait for the challenging boss fights to tap into their full potential.

What are the controls for Clicker Knights vs Dragons?

In our humble opinion, the only way to fully enjoy a clicker game is by smashing at your PC mouse and putting its durability to the ultimate test. Clicker Knights vs Dragons is optimized for both PC and mobile devices, so the platform choice is entirely yours to make. Click or tap franticly anywhere on the screen to deal damage. Click or tap on the game menus to improve the mercenaries’ and the main character’s abilities.


  • An amazing hack-and-slash stress-relief clicker
  • Retro-styled pixelated graphics and mesmerizing sound effects
  • Main character and companion upgrades
  • Powerful special abilities, time-limited boss fights

Release date

March 2021




All devices

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