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Contexto is an intriguing word-guessing game inspired by Semantle. It offers a unique twist on traditional word games by focusing on the meaning and contextual relevance of words rather than spelling.

How to play Contexto?

In Contexto, your task is to find the mystery word of the* day. Unlike other word games that limit your attempts, Contexto allows for unlimited guesses. Here’s how you play:

  1. Type a single word into the text entry field and press Enter.
  2. Observe the number displayed next to your guess. This number indicates the positional similarity between your guess and the secret word—the lower the number, the closer you are to the answer.
  3. Utilize this feedback to refine your guesses. Keep entering words until you discover the correct Contexto answer for the day.
  4. Experiment with various categories and contexts. The game's AI, based on GloVe from the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group, determines the similarity between words through contextual relevance.

Game Features

  • Unlimited Guesses: Unlike many other word games, Contexto gives you unlimited tries to guess the word of the day.
  • Daily Puzzle: The game resets at midnight local time with a new word each day.
  • Customizable Settings: Play in English or Portuguese, switch between light or dark mode, and select tip difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard).
  • Social Sharing: After solving the puzzle, you can share your success, including the number of guesses and tips used.
  • Archive Access: For extra practice, access previous games from the menu.

Helpful Tips

  • Choose Your Words Wisely: Start with general categories like animals, common objects, or abstract nouns to find at least one word with a green rating.
  • Use a Thesaurus: While Contexto focuses on contextually relevant words, a thesaurus can guide you in the right direction.
  • Free Tip: Use the free tip feature, customizable in the settings, to get hints towards the correct word.
  • Focus on Nouns: Most of Contexto's answers are common nouns, so sticking to nouns might increase your chances of guessing the word correctly.

Release date

April 2024




All devices

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