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Game Cooking Fast preview
Game Cooking Fast preview

Cooking Fast

Cooking Fast

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Cooking Fast

It’s always hectic at your fast food restaurant, and you must keep Cooking Fast because the customers are always coming back for more! Your burgers and hot dogs are unmatched, and since your place is the best in town, it’s hard to keep up with the demand!

This incredible cooking clicker simulation will certainly put your multitasking abilities to the ultimate test. You must work around the clock to feed all the hungry customers on such short notice. The gameplay is fast-paced and even overwhelming at times, but that’s the most fun and challenging part of running a successful fast-food business.

How to play Cooking Fast

Besides making hot dogs and burgers, your place also offers delicious juices and French fries, and each customer has a specific taste. At each level, you must reach the predetermined profit goal within a limited amount of time. You don’t have to make every customer happy, but trying to complete as many orders as possible is a great way to challenge yourself.

To make your business flourish, you must invest and upgrade kitchen equipment regularly. This will improve your cooking capacities and reduce the time required to make a specific meal.

This game is all about quick reactions and determining your priorities. To make things easier, always have a couple of items from the menu ready and waiting before the customers have even reached the counter.

What are the controls for Cooking Fast?

You can play Cooking Fast on mobile and PC devices alike. Click or tap to navigate the interface, cook food and serve it on the platters, add various ingredients, make juices, and make your customers happy.


  • A fast-paced cooking clicker simulation
  • Delicious fast food and refreshing beverages
  • Various kitchen upgrades and plenty of levels

Release date

February 2019


Bofer Media (Twim Studio)


All devices

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