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Count Speed 3D

Count Speed 3D is a great game for anyone who enjoys a relaxing driving experience. This lovely game features realistic vehicle models — true design classics from world-renowned car manufacturers.  Drive on the platform miraculously built across the deep blue sea, collect speed boosts along the way, and avoid various obstacles. Your gorgeous car will change colors and even transform into a more powerful ride once you’ve reached high enough speed. You can use the coins collected while completing countless levels to unlock some truly stunning car models, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Bugatti, you name it!

How to play Count Speed 3D

Strangely enough, the speed of your car remains constant regardless of the count speed. The appearance of your vehicle does change the more boosts you collect, though, and once you reach top speed, there are also some additional visual effects.

To complete each level, you must reach the finish line without crashing or reducing your speed below zero. Certain obstacles are quite forgiving and will only slow you down, while crashing into rotating pillars will end your playthrough. You must also avoid getting hit by a giant cleaver.

Don’t hesitate to take a less-than-optimal route if the deadly obstacles are just ahead of you. You can also perform fancy jumps if your current speed is higher than the indicated on each ramp.

What are the controls for Count Speed 3D?

Count Speed 3D is playable on both mobile and PC devices. Tap or click, hold, then swipe to steer your vehicle across the narrow track.


  • Realistic car models from world-famous car manufacturers
  • Plenty of different levels to test your driving prowess
  • Different items on the racing track to pick up or avoid

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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