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Game Crazy Chase preview
Game Crazy Chase preview

Crazy Chase

Crazy Chase

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Crazy Chase

Evade the cops for as long as possible in the adrenaline-packed isometric high-score driving game Crazy Chase! The law enforcement is hot on your heels, and they’ll stop at nothing until you’re brought to justice. It’s up to you to give them a run for their money before inevitably getting caught or more likely crashing. Collect dollar bills, avoid boulders, collect repair kits, and juke the chasers into collisions to blow them up.

You can’t really brake or accelerate but only steer since your vehicle moves at full speed constantly. There are 4 additional unique rides to unlock, pickup and monster truck included, and even the starting red sports car performs incredibly well. The graphics are simple yet eye-catching, while the gameplay is fast-paced, skill-based, and highly addictive.

How to play Crazy Chase

Since your speed is constant, you’ll often drive in circles quite literally in this game. It’s essential to be aware of the circle’s radius since it plays a vital role when it comes to handling the ride. You can either lose cops if they crash into each other or one of many boulders scattered around the map. The latter is much more efficient since they’ll get one-shot, but make sure to drive carefully or it might happen to you, too!

What are the controls for Crazy Chase?

Unfortunately, Crazy Chase is yet to be mobile optimized, and you can currently play it for free exclusively in a PC browser. Click on the garage icon in the bottom left of your screen to explore the Shop. Use the A/D or left/right arrow keys to steer your ride and juke the police for as long as possible. 


  • A full-speed, adrenaline-packed isometric car chase
  • Addictive and challenging endless high-score gameplay
  • 2 cars, a van, a pickup, and a monster truck to drive

Release date

March 2020


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