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Crazy Shooters

Crazy Shooters is an online multiplayer FPS featuring FFA (free-for-all) and Team deathmatch game modes, 4 interesting maps to play in, amazing graphics, and action-packed gameplay. You can jump straight into action by clicking the Quick start button, Join an existing room, or Create room according to your personal preference.

There are 9 weapons in your arsenal, ranging from a combat knife, grenades, pistols, snipers, semi-automatic guns, and even RPGs, so you’re armed to the teeth. You can also even out the playing field while creating a room by toggling certain weapons on or off.

How to play Crazy Shooters

Each of the weapons available has unique strengths and weaknesses, so it’s highly recommended to try them all out. If you’re carrying a sniper rifle, for example, and the enemy manages to sneak up on you with a semi-automatic weapon it’s going to be nigh impossible to win the duel unless you swap weapons quickly.

Take your time to learn the map layouts, as this will greatly help you outplay the opponents. While you’re running around open spaces, it’s easy for the enemies to shoot you down, so try to always stay near a decent cover. If you prefer sniping enemies from afar, consider moving to another spot after you’ve made a couple of kills to make it harder for the enemies to catch you.

What are the controls for Crazy Shooters?

You can play Crazy Shooters for free exclusively in a PC browser, and the game’s control scheme is as follows:

  • Move — WASD keys
  • Aim — Mouse navigate
  • Shoot — LMB
  • Scope/zoom in — RMB
  • Crouch — C 
  • Go prone — Ctrl
  • Reload — R
  • Switch weapons — 1–9 keys or mouse scroll


  • An action-packed online multiplayer FPS
  • Free-for-all and Team deathmatch game modes
  • 4 maps and an arsenal of 9 weapons
  • Great graphics and responsive controls
  • Extensive customization in the Create room menu

Release date

December 2018





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