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Crazy Snake io

Eat all the candy you stumble upon and become the biggest serpent in the universe in Crazy Snake io! The Earth is not enough for these daring snakes, and they’ve bravely decided to test their luck in outer space. Besides the starry night background, this simple and entertaining game features two different modes, relaxing music and eye-catching 2D graphics. There are up to 14 skins you can choose from, and they’re mostly depicting various cute animals.

Avoid running into other snakes and become the undisputed ruler of the skies in both Endless and Timed game modes!

How to play Crazy Snake io

The only loss condition in this game is running into AI serpents in outer space. This most often happens when you’re slithering toward the edge of your screen. If you move diagonally while exploring the endless space, you’ll have more distance to work with and, therefore, extra few seconds to turn around and avoid unexpected opponents.

You don’t have to move directly over the candy to devour it and grow, as you’ll be sucking them in when you’re merely moving nearby. The sweets will start dropping from your tail when you turn on the speed boost. This is not of much use when you’ve gotten big already, but at the very start, you can curl up in a ball to swallow quite a lot of candies and grow quickly.

What are the controls for Crazy Snake io?

Crazy Snake io is optimized for a PC browser, but you can play it on mobile too. Use your mouse pointer or your fingers to steer, and the left mouse button or space for a speed boost.


  • Snake game revamp in outer space
  • Up to 14 cute skins to choose from
  • Endless and Timed game modes

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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