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Game Find Cat 2 preview
Game Find Cat 2 preview

Find Cat 2

Find Cat 2

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Find Cat 2

The cutest little kitten is back with new and exciting puzzles for you to solve in Find Cat 2! Solve the extraordinary point-and-click brain games to reunite the caring owner with her beloved mischievous pet across 40 uniquely designed levels.

This lovely puzzle game features vivid cartoonish graphics, hilarious sound effects, and brain-stimulating immersive gameplay. It’s designed to be especially attractive for kids, but even seasoned gamers might have a hard time figuring out all the solutions.

Fortunately, the currency earned for completing each level can be spent on in-game tips that will help you out when you’re out of ideas. Playing this game will certainly improve your creative, logical, and outside-the-box thinking.

How to play Find Cat 2?

The gameplay in each level unfolds sort of like an animated comic, and your actions determine all the potential outcomes. Analyzing the loss conditions in every situation and figuring out how to get around them is the key to victory.

Even if you got the right idea, you might have to make a few adjustments on the go to execute it successfully. If you’re feeling completely baffled, don’t hesitate to purchase in-game tips because they’re very informative and will help you start working toward the solution.

What are the controls for Find Cat 2?

You can play Find Cat 2 on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click on the collectible objects in each level to add them to your inventory, and drag two suitable items into the Synthesis box to combine them together. Drag the items from the inventory to interact with other objects in each level.


  • An extraordinary 2D point-and-click brain game
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving exercise
  • Funny sound effects and comic-styled gameplay

Release date

February 2020




All devices

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