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Football Masters

Football Masters is a thrilling sports game! Compete against your friends and find out if you have what it takes to be declared a football master!

How to play Football Masters?

Football masters is a fun-filled multiplayer game. The only objective in Football Masters in all the game modes is to score the most goals to win. There are three match options for you to play the game in:

  1. Quick Match. It’s a single-player game mode. Quick Match is a game mode designed for players starting off. Play against a robot and understand how the mechanics of the game operate. It’ll help serve as a warmup for the other game modes.
  2. Tournament. Available in both single-player and multiplayer. Select your country and player type and proceed to the match to progress through the brackets. When playing alone, the tournament can be a 1v1, 2v2 or even a 1v2 with you up against two robots! In multiplayer, it’ll be a 2v2 with two human players up against two robots.
  3. Friendly Match. In this match, you can play as either a single player or as two players. When playing as a single player, the only option you have is to against a robot.

When you’re playing a friendly match as two players, you have three options to choose from. The first option, going against your friend in a 1v1. The second choice is to go against your friend with a robot as your teammate in a 2v2. And lastly the third option, is to team up with your friend against the game in a 2v2 match. 

What are the controls for Football Masters?

The controls for Football Masters are simple. On desktop, while playing as player 1 use the arrow keys as directional controls. Press the X key to shoot and the Z key to use your special ability.

When as player 2, use the WASD keys as your directional controls. Press B to shoot and V to use your ability!

On mobile, just tap the buttons on the bottom of the screen to move, use your ability, and to shoot!


  • Competitive experience! Football Masters is a fun game but it’s also very competitive. As you progress through the tournament brackets, you’ll realize that your opponents become increasingly difficult to beat.
  • Unique sports game! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable sports game that provides an unique experience like no other game in the sports genre!
  • Multiplayer! Play with a friend a see who gets to be declared the victor in Football Masters!

Release date

January 2020




All devices

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