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Game Gully Cricket preview
Game Gully Cricket preview

Gully Cricket

Gully Cricket

Theatre mode
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Gully Cricket

Gully Cricket is a lovely sports simulation featuring cartoonish graphics, relaxing music, and exciting gameplay in which you get to play as a batter. Besides playing solo and practicing hand-eye coordination, you can create a room to Play With Friends or challenge random aspiring cricket fans from around the world.

In the single-player mode, the game is over once the pitcher knocks down two wickets you’re protecting. While competing against human opponents, the objective is to set a higher score than your rival across a total of 12 pitches. If the AI pitcher manages to hit all the wickets behind you before throwing all the balls, your current score remains final.

How to play Gully Cricket

Hitting the fast or curved ball with a bat is arguably the hardest feat in all of sports and it takes a lot of practice and dedication to continuously accomplish it. In this game, there isn’t much of a difference, even though the ball seems to move much slower than IRL.

While it’s essential to react quickly you mustn’t be impatient and initiate a swing prematurely. Keep your eyes on the ball at all times, and try to pick up as much information about the incoming throw as soon as possible. After some practice, you’ll start noticing patterns and learn how to hit the ball at exactly the right time.

What are the controls for Gully Cricket?

You can play Gully Cricket on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap at just the right time to swing the bat and hit the incoming ball.


  • A cricket batter simulation featuring cartoonish graphics
  • Single-player and multiplayer game modes
  • Challenging gameplay and great reaction times exercise

Release date

November 2023




All devices

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