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Game Horse Jumping Show 3D preview
Game Horse Jumping Show 3D preview

Horse Jumping Show 3D

Horse Jumping Show 3D

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Horse Jumping Show 3D

Every seat in the huge stadium is occupied, and all the spectators eagerly await your remarkable equestrian performance in Horse Jumping Show 3D. Giddy up and complete the 20 progressively more challenging obstacle courses to leave the crowd in awe with your top-tier horse-riding skills.

There are several overpriced jockeys to unlock and a total of 10 unique steeds — from which some look truly epic, we must admit. The graphics are by no means amazing (especially if you’re looking at immovable objects/background), but they don’t really have to be. Enjoyable gameplay and hoof-stomping sounds outweigh all obvious flaws, and you quickly become the fully immersed horse rider.

How to play Horse Jumping Show 3D 

The objective is to timely jump with a horse to clear every hurdle on the track. In every next level, a new obstacle is introduced, and to reach it, you must first jump over the ones you faced already in the previous runs. For example, the 20th and final level features 20 hurdles, 7th — seven, you get the point.

This type of level design makes progression quite natural because you’ll practice the same movement patterns in each attempt and master them quickly. The circle inside the marker before every hurdle turning green hits the best time to jump.

What are the controls for Horse Jumping Show 3D?

Unfortunately, Horse Jumping Show 3D is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser. If you’re a mobile gamer eager to jump in the saddle, make sure to check out other horse games on our website!

  • Mount/dismount — F
  • Ride — WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump — Space
  • Riding speed settings — 1/2/3
  • Rear/Kick — Ctrl
  • Rear 180° — Shift


  • An exquisite equestrian simulation
  • Dozens of jockeys and horses to unlock
  • 20 progressively more challenging levels

Release date

September 2019





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