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Game Letter Boxed preview
Game Letter Boxed preview

Letter Boxed

Letter Boxed

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Letter Boxed

Letter Boxed is a unique word puzzle game that combines logic, planning, and memorization. It offers an engaging blend of word creation and geometric puzzle elements. The game presents a box with 12 unique letters arranged around it, and your task is to form words by connecting these letters in a continuous loop. The complexity and intrigue of the game lie in its requirement for strategic planning and the exploration of vast possibilities in word formation. This fan made Letter Boxd Unlimited -version offers players the chance to play the game as much as they want, unlike the NYT original (not associated with this version) which is limited to once per day.

How to play Letter Boxed?

  1. Your primary goal is to create words by linking letters arranged around a box
  2. Begin by selecting a letter to start your word, then connect to another letter to form a word. The subsequent letters must be on a different side of the box than the last letter used
  3. Words should be at least three letters long. There is no maximum length, but profanity is not allowed
  4. The final letter of your word becomes the initial letter of your next word
  5. Continue this process, ensuring that each word starts with the last letter of the previous word, until you use all 12 letters within a maximum of five turns
  6. Plan your words carefully to ensure you can complete the loop within the turn limit

What are the controls for Letter Boxed?

  • Use the keyboard to write words
  • Alternatively, you can click and drag on the letters as well
  • Enter key to submit


  • Unique word puzzle mechanics
  • Daily challenges
  • Strategic word formation
  • Engaging for vocabulary development

Release date

March 2024




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