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Game Mahjongg Dimensions preview
Game Mahjongg Dimensions preview

Mahjongg Dimensions

Mahjongg Dimensions

Theatre mode
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Mahjongg Dimensions

The world-renowned tabletop tile-matching puzzle gains additional depth and goes 3D in Mahjong Dimensions! Select the identical cubes to match them and complete as many levels as you can to set the new high score before the time runs out. You can only match the cubes that have a free left or right edge.

Contrary to the relaxing music, the gameplay is fast-paced and requires quick actions and thinking. You can rotate the camera around the puzzle to find matches at different sides or rearrange everything once per level if you’re struggling to find identical cubes for a while.

How to play Mahjong Dimensions

Just like in OG Mahjong, you want to begin from the edges of the puzzle and slowly work your way toward the middle. Because of the camera angle, it’s better to start matching the tiles on higher floors and gradually move toward the lower ones.

Switching the camera perspective regularly is very important as it often helps find matches more quickly. If a specific cube is blocking your progress from one side, select it and view the puzzle from a different perspective to find a pair.

Don’t hesitate to use the rearrange button if you’re unable to find a match for a while since time is of the essence. If you’ve inspected the puzzle from all angles and still can’t spot identical cubes, do yourself a favor and use the help available.

What are the controls for Mahjong Dimensions?

You can play Mahjong Dimensions on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap to match identical cubes and remove them. Click or tap the arrows, use the A/D keys, or swipe to rotate the camera around the puzzle.


  • A 3D iteration of world-renown tile-matching game
  • Time-limited high-score gameplay
  • Clearly marked and distinct tile symbols
  • Multiple camera angles

Release date

December 2019




All devices

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