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Game Swing Monkey preview
Game Swing Monkey preview

Swing Monkey

Swing Monkey

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9.6(24 votes)

Swing Monkey

Swing Monkey is a gorgeously entertaining 2D brain game featuring cute graphics, a realistic physics engine, countless unique levels, and relaxing music. This is a game you’d gladly introduce to the youngest of gamers, and it’s a great way of learning the basic laws of physics in a fun and unique way.

The playful juvenile monkey is swinging from one branch to another, and the objective is to guide it over the finish line without falling. You must use the angular momentum to your advantage and work on your catch-and-release timings to achieve this, and you’ll definitely have loads of fun while doing it.

How to play Swing Monkey

Once you click, the dexterous young ape clings to the closest anchor point marked with a dashed circle around. You’ll hang to the liana as long as you hold the controls, so take a minute to analyze the movement patterns. You shouldn’t wait for too long, though, because you’ll lose precious momentum and potential energy.

The distance covered with each swing is greatly affected by the rope’s length, so everything in this awesome game revolves around perfect timing. If you are on the ground platforms below, don’t despair because the monkey can make tiny hops until you’ve gotten back on track. The same principle applies when you’re feeling stuck at a single branch after coming to an unexpected stop.

What are the controls for Swing Monkey?

Swing Monkey is playable in full screen on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click to attach to the closest anchor point with a rope, hold to keep swinging, and finally release at the right moment to continue soaring through the air toward the finish line.


  • An extraordinary 2D physics-based game for kids
  • Amazing music, vivid graphics, and gorgeous animations
  • Simple, exciting, and enjoyable gameplay

Release date

September 2020




All devices

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