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Game Moon Clash Heroes preview
Game Moon Clash Heroes preview

Moon Clash Heroes

Moon Clash Heroes

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9.0(20 votes)

Moon Clash Heroes

The next closest rock to Earth has been colonized, and the raging team-deathmatch battles for space domination unfold in Moon Clash Heroes! This adrenaline-packed 3D third-person shooter features amazing graphics, fluid animations, immersive sound effects, and highly addictive gameplay. It’s pure PvP mayhem with instant respawns, no weapon reloads, and unrelenting action!

You play as a futuristic android trooper with impressive dexterity, shiny armor, and a havoc-wreaking plasma gun. Participate in fiercely competitive time-limited multiplayer clashes with the sole objective of scoring more kills than your enemies. Explore the fine design of the vast lunar base map to discover vantage points and powerful weapon systems.

How to play Moon Clash Heroes 

The mere precision aiming and spot-on shooting won’t do the trick in this game alone. Just like in many fast-paced action shooters, meticulous use of movement controls and map knowledge are essential components of a winning strategy.

Aside from exploring the map and exploiting the advantageous chokepoints, you want to try and move with a team as a cohesive unit. In an adrenaline-packed multiplayer environment, this is often easier said than done, though, but still worth trying to achieve.

What are the controls for Moon Clash Heroes?

PC still provides an unparalleled experience when it comes to playing first-person and third-person action shooters. You can play Moon Clash Heroes on mobile, too, by tapping the easily discerned buttons, but we can’t guarantee how much you’ll enjoy it this way. The PC controls are shown in the list below:

  • WASD — Movement
  • C — Crouch 
  • Space — Jump
  • G — Throw grenade
  • Right mouse button — Aim (zoom in)
  • Left mouse button — Shoot


  • A third-person team deathmatch space shooter
  • Fiercely competitive PvP multiplayer mayhem
  • Eye-catching visuals, immersive SFX, addictive gameplay

Release date

February 2021


Freeway Interactive


All devices

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