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Game Mosaic Puzzle Art preview
Game Mosaic Puzzle Art preview

Mosaic Puzzle Art

Mosaic Puzzle Art

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Mosaic Puzzle Art

Mosaic Puzzle Art is an incredible drawing tracing game, perfectly suitable for kids and adults, featuring vibrant colors, relaxing music, and 18 mosaic masterpieces to replicate. The objective of the game is to choose the correct colors and replicate the example drawings flawlessly on a blank white hexagonal grid.

Sounds simple enough, but it’s much more difficult to complete the task on the first attempt than it may initially seem, especially at the higher and more complex levels. Therefore, this is a great game for adults and kids, and the honeycomb mosaic images are designed to be especially attractive for younger gamers.

How to play Mosaic Puzzle Art

The easiest way to replicate each mosaic is by starting from the very bottom of it. Pay close attention to the details, and make sure you’ve counted all the hexagons correctly in the beginning. If you fail to do so, the mistakes will add up as your drawing nears completion, so a solid foundation is essential for optimal results.

As you’re tracing various images featured in vivid mosaics, it’s best to draw outlines of the object first. If you fill out the wrong honeycomb cell, you don’t have to select the eraser to correct the mistake since you’ll make it white again if you reapply the already picked color to it.

What are the controls for Mosaic Puzzle Art?

You can play Mosaic Puzzle Art on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap on the color palette to select a hue to paint with, and click on the honeycomb field to fill it out.


  • A gorgeous and relaxing mosaic tracing game
  • Great drawing exercise for adults and kids, especially
  • Up to 18 vivid honeycomb mosaics to replicate flawlessly

Release date

April 2020




All devices

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