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Penalty Shootout Multi League

Guide your favorite teams from all of the most popular football leagues through the round-robin format tournament and lift that cup in Penalty Shootout: Multi League! Every true football fan knows that the penalty shootout is the best possible final act in any good (or even bad) match.

You’ll play as a penalty taker and the goalie respectively and there’s no bigger stage than this one. Shoot the ball with confidence and make heroic saves on the road to winning another trophy.

How to play Penalty Shootout: Multi League

In almost every case, it’s optimal to stop the slider at the maximum shooting speed. Only go easy on the ball when the height of your shot exceeds the crossbar to compensate for the aiming miss-play. Aiming at the middle of the goal is a very high-percentage shot, especially if you kick the ball low and hard.

Everybody knows that the goalkeeper is the true star of any penalty shootout — and for a good reason. Exquisite hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes are necessary to save a penalty. It’s not enough to simply click on the target but you have to sync it perfectly with the opposing striker’s shot timing, too.

What are the controls for Penalty Shootout: Multi League?

You can play Penalty Shootout: Multi League on mobile and PC devices alike. 

When shooting a penalty, tap or click when the football reaches the desired position on the slider to control the direction, height, and speed of your shot.

While goalkeeping, tap or click the target in sync with the opposing striker’s shot.


  • Goalkeeping and penalty-taking simulation
  • Round-robin tournament format
  • A faster reaction times exercise

Release date

August 2017


Physical Form


All devices

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