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Police Chase

The Police Chase is on as a riot breaks out at the maximum security prison, and the inmates are trying to escape through the roof of the penitentiary. Control police officer Charles and help him capture the wrongdoers before they reach the top floor in their futile attempt to break away.

This entertaining, fast-paced platform running game features lively 2D graphics, entertaining gameplay, and up to 24 challenging levels to catch perpetrators in. You’ll have to act quickly but also strategically and avoid various lethal obstacles on your quest for justice in a battle against the clock.

How to play Police Chase

Officer Charles is much faster than any of the inmates. To help him catch up to fleeing prison breakers, you enter elevators to shorten your path. The bad thing about this particular elevator is that it’s really slow, and you only have 60 seconds to seize the fleeing offender. Another important thing to have in mind is that while you can climb the stairs, you can only descend using an elevator. Always keep an eye out for the minimap at the very bottom of your screen, and use all the available information to your advantage.

What are the controls for Police Chase?

You can play Police Chase for free on PC and mobile devices alike. All the buttons are easily discerned on mobile, so simply tap/hold to use them, and the PC controls are shown in a list below.

  • Move — left/right arrow keys
  • Jump — space bar
  • Enter/exit elevator — up/down arrow keys
  • Crouch — down arrow key


  • Valiant officer Charles needs your help to capture rioting inmates
  • A challenging, fast-paced platform running game
  • Addictive gameplay and enjoyable 2D graphics
  • 60 seconds to catch fleeing perpetrators across 24 levels

Release date

April 2022


JM Neto Game Dev


All devices

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