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Police Real Chase Car Simulator

Drive up to 7 gorgeous supercars, explore the huge open world, and complete uniquely designed missions in Police Real Chase Car Simulator. This amazing driving simulation features incredible 3D graphics, an urban open-world environment, and incredible car models. You’ll become a speed enforcement officer, but the gameplay isn’t at all one-dimensional, and there are various quest objectives. You don’t have to complete any of them to have fun in this game since casually driving a Lamborghini, a Bugatti, or a Bentley is an incredible experience by itself.

How to play Police Real Chase Car Simulator

You’ll earn money by completing missions, enabling you to unlock even more awesome sports cars. The quests are scattered around the city, and to start each, you must first drive to the indicated spot. Some objectives are quite simple, such as escorting a VIP limo to the designated point or just reaching the destination on the map before the time runs out. On the other hand, certain tasks are quite tricky, and they may take several attempts to complete.

Driving around the city at your own pace will help you get a better sense of your car’s capabilities and prepare for even the most difficult of challenges. The thriving city you’ll patrol never sleeps, and you’ll encounter congested traffic here and there. This excellent game does a great job of providing an authentic driving experience.

What are the controls for Police Real Chase Car Simulator?

Police Real Chase Car Simulator is a PC browser exclusive. All the controls are shown below.

  • WASD — drive
  • H — siren
  • R — reset the car
  • F — enter/exit the car
  • Esc — pause/resume
  • I — instructions


  • Incredible supercar driving experience
  • Realistic 3D graphics and an open-world urban environment
  • Gorgeous car models and dozens of unique missions to complete

Release date

October 2022


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All devices

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