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Game President Simulator preview
Game President Simulator preview

President Simulator

President Simulator

Theatre mode
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President Simulator

President Simulator is a hilarious 2D idle clicker featuring cute pixelated graphics, stock market trading options, social media management, and simple yet addictive gameplay. With the jolly jazz playing in the background and the dollar bills poppin’ wherever you click, it’s easy to get hooked and jump into THE president’s shoes, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

Play the Stock Market to increase your revenue, hire the most unlikely of employees, purchase money-making office furniture, and interact with other world leaders as real adults on FeysBok. Keep in mind that this awesome hyper-casual idle game is still undergoing development, and there are plenty of awesome features yet to come. 

How to play President Simulator

While making bucks by mere clicking is quite satisfying, in the long run, it’s much better to play the slow game and invest in different assets. At the Market, you’ll find various passive income options to choose from. It’s highly recommended to grind toward purchasing at least some of them ASAP, especially if you intend to come back and play some more anytime.

Follow the #LatestNews and play the Stock Market right for BIG profits in the long run. Interacting with other world leaders is rarely successful, but it’s certainly always hilarious. Who wouldn’t want to take Elizabeth on a cruise, right?

What are the controls for President Simulator?

You can play President Simulator for free on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap anywhere on the screen repeatedly to earn bucks. Click or tap on the tablet device in the upper right corner to use different world-ruling apps.


  • A hyper-casual idle clicker
  • Stock Market trading options
  • World politics governing
  • Epic employees and magic furniture

Release date

August 2022


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