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Game Rally Point 3 preview
Game Rally Point 3 preview

Rally Point 3

Rally Point 3

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Rally Point 3

Rally Point 3 is a thrilling 3D arcade driving game with immersive graphics, enticing sound effects, and adrenaline-packed gameplay. There are a total of 6 stages to test your skills on, and the objective is to complete each of them within a given timeframe. As you’re successfully finishing the races, new cars are unlocked and available to try out on the next track.

Playing this game feels kind of retro, even though the graphics are actually quite modern. The amazing thing about it is that there’s an unlimited nitro reservoir, so you can reach some mind-boggling speeds. Don’t get carried away, though, because if you use it for too long, it may lead to a catastrophic engine failure.

How to play Rally Point 3

In arcade driving games, you don’t really have to use the brakes as you would in realistic driving simulations, so there’s plenty of room for error. Unless you’re using a nitro boost, you’ll most likely be able to make all the turns by simply taking the foot off the gas pedal and steering in the desired direction.

You can’t steer while using the nitro, therefore it’s recommended to turn on the boost at straight sections of the tracks. Don’t worry about blowing your engine up too much because there’s a sound warning that goes off more than a couple of times before you’ve pushed it too far.

What are the controls for Rally Point 3?

Rally Point 3 is still awaiting mobile optimization and is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive the car and the Space key to turn on the nitro boost.


  • An exquisite 3D arcade driving rally
  • 6 tracks to complete within a limited timeframe
  • Unlimited nitro boost
  • Roaring sound effects and immersive graphics

Release date

August 2021





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