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Real Football Challenge


Real Football Challenge

Real Life Football Challenge is a unique tactical, turn-based football simulation game. Each level presents you with a unique challenge, and to complete them all, a creative approach and the mindset of a seasoned strategist are required. Take your time to assess the current situation in the field carefully, pass the ball precisely and shoot at the goal decisively!

How to play Real Life Football Challenge?

The first level in Real Life Football Challenge is a tutorial — you’ll be instructed on how to pass and shoot the ball properly. Each following stage features various numbers of your teammates and defenders.

Your squad and opposing defenders will remain stationary until the ball is set in motion. Once the initial pass reaches your teammate and he gains control of the ball, the game is paused again, essentially making this a turn-based football strategy game. If defenders manage to intercept the pass or block your shot, you’ve failed to complete the task given, and you’ll have to try again.

In most cases, there are a few methods to score a goal, so if the initial game plan isn't working as intended, consider approaching the situation differently. If none of your teammates are in an appropriate position to receive a useful pass, just shoot at the goal directly! Maybe you’ll catch the goalkeeper on the wrong foot.

What are the controls for Real Life Football Challenge?

You can play Real Life Football Challenge in any browser, on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Click or tap and hold, then drag to determine the ball's trajectory. Finally, release to kick the ball in the desired direction.


  • Turn-based isometric football simulation
  • Develop and deploy various football tactics to score a goal
  • Play out up to 16 football actions, each requiring different solutions

March 2023


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