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Real Simulator Monster Truck


Real Simulator Monster Truck

Real Simulator Monster Truck is a driving game featuring three different game modes, up to 10 unique monster trucks to unlock, and exhilarating gameplay. Each of the four-wheeled beasts has up to 30 skins to choose from, and besides lavish aesthetical customization, you can also upgrade the performance stats. Push the limits of the monster truck’s insane capabilities in Free Drive in one of four unique landscapes available. You can also immediately start Racing against AI opponents or performing ludicrous Stunts across 12 challenging stages!

How to play Real Simulator Monster Truck

There’s no real objective in the Free Drive game mode, but it’s very entertaining, and you can earn money in it too, therefore we’d recommend that you try it out first. Besides driving in the forest, arctic, and desert environments, you can try out your ride on the surface of the moon, and it is as wild as it sounds.

From any of the maps, you can go straight into Racing or Stunt modes after you’ve had your fun testing the monster truck’s performance. Both of the competitive modes feature up to 12 dizzying roller coaster-like tracks, and it’s very important to maintain the momentum whenever possible. Certain sections of the race tracks contain huge gaps you must jump over. Save your nitro boost and use it just before tackling the ramps to bridge the gap.

What are the controls for Real Simulator Monster Truck?

You can play Real Simulator Monster Truck for free exclusively in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, N for nitro boost, and C to change the camera perspective.


  • Thrillingly entertaining monster truck racing game
  • Up to 10 monster trucks to unlock
  • Plenty of monster truck skins and several performance upgrades
  • Free Drive (4 maps), Racing and Stunt (12 tracks) game modes

March 2023


Cross platform