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Game Snail Bob 5 preview
Game Snail Bob 5 preview

Snail Bob 5

Snail Bob 5

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Snail Bob 5

Our beloved protagonist in Snail Bob 5 has fallen for a gastropod celebrity and will stop at nothing until they’re romantically united. When destiny calls, you’re bound to answer, but the road to true love is one full of perils. Fortunately, your trusty friend — the Ant — is there to assist you on many steps of the way.

This lovely 2D brain game is designed to be especially appealing for kids while subtly introducing them to logical thinking and problem-solving in a playful and entertaining way. The cartoonish graphics and chill music are truly captivating, so even the adults are likely to get hooked.

How to play Snail Bob 5

The objective in each of the 25 levels is to help Bob reach the exit door safely. Visualize the road that he must traverse and analyze the objects obstructing it. Click on everything you think might move to learn more about the game mechanics — levers, switches, floating platforms.

You don’t have to collect any stars to progress to the next level but only reach the exit. Looking for them is fun though, and makes you appreciate the eye-catching graphics even more.

What are the controls for Snail Bob 5?

You can play Snail Bob 5 on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap on the snail to start and stop moving. If playing on a PC, you can use the Spacebar to perform this action as well. Click or tap on the easily discerned icons in the upper right corner of the screen to start moving faster and turn Bob around.


  • An incredible 2D puzzle game for kids
  • Problem-solving and logical thinking exercise
  • Cartoon-styled graphics and chill music
  • 25 uniquely designed levels to complete

Release date

March 2018




All devices

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