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Game Stickman Boxing KO Champion preview
Game Stickman Boxing KO Champion preview

Stickman Boxing KO Champion

Stickman Boxing KO Champion

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Stickman Boxing KO Champion

Hand-to-hand combat sports have been around since the dawn of time, and if you love and appreciate the fine art of boxing, you’ll certainly enjoy playing Stickman Boxing KO Champion! You’re up against some fierce fighters, and there are a total of 20 single-round bouts you must win to become the undisputed stickman champion!

The 3-knockdown rule applies in this game, so the first fighter to hit the floor for the third time is defeated by a TKO. Bob and weave, block and parry, land blows to the head and the body, and finish off your rivals with a special multi-punch combo! 

How to play Stickman Boxing KO Champion?

Every fighter knows that defense is a crucial part of a winning strategy. It’s not enough to land blows, you must also anticipate your opponent’s punches and evade them whenever possible.

Landing punches fill the bar, eventually unlocking your special punch combo that deals serious damage to your foe. Even though it’s tempting to use the ability as soon as it’s ready, don’t waste it on the low HP rival, but unleash the fists of fury once he’s gotten up after a knockdown.

What are the controls for Stickman Boxing KO Champion?

You can play Stickman Boxing KO Champion on both mobile and PC devices. Tap the icons on the left side of your mobile device to parry and evade punches, and tap the icons on the right to throw body, head, and special punches. The PC controls are as shown below:

  • W — Parry 
  • A/D — Evade left/right
  • O — punch to the head
  • K — punch to the body
  • . — special punch combo
  • Spam Space — get up after the knockdown


  • A thrilling first-person stickman boxing simulation
  • 20 fights on your road to becoming the undisputed champ
  • One round of boxing, three knockdowns result in a TKO

Release date

January 2019




All devices

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